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Humboldt-Strategic Workshop with Prof. Aroch

Workshop: Embodied Futurities.

Paulina Aroch

Professor Paulina Aroch Fugellie/Humanities Department, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico City
Professor Wolf-Dieter Ernst/Theaterwissenschaft, Bayreuth

The Workshop funded by Bayreuth Humboldt Centre deepens knowledge and practical expertise in critical, body-oriented teaching methods based on approaches by Paulo Freire and the Boals. In the theatre-lab, we will engage in practical reflection on the epistemological paradigm that prevailed in our pre-COVID pedagogical scenarios. We will explore futures for ways of teaching that ensue in the aftermath of social distancing, with keen interest in performance-as-research on cultural crises and Futurities. The workshop will be expanded into an online-toolbox and academic paper by both professors. Professor Aroch is former Society for the Humanities Fellow at Cornell University and an Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis graduate, where Professor Ernst also studied – a common interdisciplinary background that feeds into the Workshop.

Professur für Theaterwissenschaft Prof. Dr.Wolf Dieter Ernst · Impressum